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About Us

We are India's first complete accommodation facilitation startup for students and professionals. Whether it is a student, professional, concerned parent or landlord, we want to make sure they have all of the information need to know - all in one place. We connects hostels, pgs, shared rooms, houses, flats etc.

On one side, we find a lot of people who face tough time while finding a good accommodation facilities within their budget and on the other side we find a lot of property owners who are clueless about marketing and promoting their property. pillerQ.com simply act as matchmakers and help both the parties meet their expectations. Our motto is to provide quality living for all standards of people  and to help landlords and tenants from the exploitation of brokers.

That’s why we vet and approve housing provider we feature, it’s why we help students and professionals find the best room to suit their needs, it’s why we created pillerQ.com.

Why listing in pillerQ.com better than Google, just dial or any other websites?

 Even if your property have excellent quality & facilities, tenants select property by choosing from first few internet search result  or first few property they have seen directly.  Your property will display only when the name is exactly searched or searched with in the location. Because of this you may not get good clients,fare rent and appreciation . Most of the properties(pg and hostel)have their own websites but unfortunately nobody looks into it because it would not display on the search result unless search the exact web address. Also they have their own specialities it might be with the food,interior,facilities etc but they can't  showcase it all. So we are providing  a platform.

 What we are providing is ultimate choice and freedom. We provide a page exclusively for your property. A page which contains the complete details such as Name, Location, Gender, Facilities, Sub-location ,Contact details, Address ,Landmark, 360 degree image support, Space for detailed rent and conditions display, Google map, About your property and One click share button to shared directly to social media and messengers for marketing purpose . In short complete website content in a  single page. Properties can be compared  with another, maximum upto 4 properties can be compared at the same time. Which means you can showcase your property features and can get the appreciation deserved. Also simply point the google pointer directly from our website.

 We know most of the pgs or hostel get clients through the current clients or past clients, it will be better if you have a page in pillerQ to share in order to answering a number of queries to number of people.

Also we provide facilities to market your properties by quick online share and Pro-card which can be downloaded from your account itself which contain the image of your property and an unique QR code which can be hanged outside the property also as printed advertisement(posters and notices).

Will the properties go on rent quickly on pillerQ.com?

Yes, because we focused only  on students and professionals and most of them are tired of searching properties from a lot of scattered website . They will engage in pillerQ because its only  for students and professionals and once they used it, they will share it with their friends and colleagues. Also in the upcoming updates we will add more categories for students and professionals accomodation.

Why didnt you heard us?

We are Coimbatore based company started working 2 months back. We are currently marketing with the landlords and when we have enough properties for tenants we will start wide marketing.

How much do you have to pay?

Actually we haven’t launched our payment model, so our services are free, that means we don’t ask for payments.

What should you do ?

Don’t waste time. Register it  by yourself or Call/ mail/ sms/ whatsaap us for free registering your property. Our agent will reach you and free register it for you all its need is 5minutes.

We understand your journey, because we’ve lived it

We have the widest and most carefully selected range of rooms that were built and are managed specifically for you. This gives you the power to explore and compare a variety of rooms across different neighbourhoods so that you can make the right choice.Choosing the right home provides a safe and inspiring foundation. It helps you to grow and make the most of your journey.

We all live our values

We’re with you every step of your journey, starting with the perfect place to live. We want to give you total peace of mind so we strive to treat every student and professionals with passion, integrity, excellence and a positive attitude.


Reasons for live with us.........

Are you tired of looking for your loved space? check with us, we provide you wide range of properties with wide range of features and budgets. We introduced a enhanced filter which allows you to find the exact property which you looking for. We categorise and lists properties based on property type, location,  sub location, room type, gender, nearby facilities & amenities.

  • Secure and Independent Properties
  • Choose as per your Budget
  • Student based Amenities
  • Wide range of Properties
  • Easy transfer between pillerQ Properties(upcoming)
  • Online rent Remittance(upcoming)

Reasons for rent/list your property with us........

Are you struggling to find clients or to manage your rented properties, we are here to help. Do you have any house flats hostels pg rent with us, we will free you from all your headaches in handling the properties and help you run a hassle free business.

  • No more unoccupied Rooms
  • No more Brokers
  • Well Managing System
  • Regular Notification and Alerts
  • Property Management and Assistance(upcoming)
  • Online Booking Facility(upcoming)